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Do you love movies where the bad girl wins? Does a night of fun include watching "Mommie Dearest" or "Auntie Mame"? Can you recite every line from "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Well this community is for you.

When you were young, did your mom take you to the music store and you threw a tantrum until she bought you the "Judy Garland: Live at Carnegie Hall" LP?

Do you know what movies these lines are from?
"Barbara Bennett is here to do a cover story on me for REDBOOK"
"Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"
"Can I borrow all of these back issues of 'Southern Hair'?"
"I should have known you would know where to find the boys. .AND THE BOOZE!!"

Share your thoughts on your love for high drama, campy films where Joan Crawford slaps men in the face and not a drop of vodka spills from her glass. Marvel at the talent that pours out of Bette Davis as she sings in her smoker voice, "I've written a letter to Daddy" with white pancake make-up on.

Would your ideal party include guests such as Edina Monsoon, Patsy Stone, and Karen Walker?

This is the place to talk about your unquenched love for Sabrina Duncan from "Charlie's Angels". .running with a small handgun and flat sensible shoes.

This would be the place to let it all out. A place where bad movies and bitchy actresses rule. It's all about good clean american fun!